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With Russian sanctions now in full effect, the world is going to be unable to secure nickel sources.

The much-needed metal is one of the key components used for batteries which we find in everything from our phones to our cars.

The World Bank predicted recently that 100% more nickel will be needed to build renewable energy technologies, such as carbon capture storage, offshore wind, hydrogen infrastructure, and EV batteries.

That was before the war and sanctions started. This number could now be astronomically higher.

An American company with nickel interests in Finland could stand to benefit dramatically thanks to their high potential $1 billion+ nickel discovery.

The company is: General European Strategic Invts Inc. (symbol: GESI)

GESI received a multi-million dollar grant from the European government recently and is pushing ahead with their plans to mine all the nickel they can.

Nickel is one of the best ways to bet on the EV and battery boom in general, without having to pick any single company such as Tesla or Apple as they all, directly and indirectly, use the metal.

Since there is now a void in the Russian supply, I expect that mining companies like GESI located in stable countries will benefit tremendously in the months to come.

This is why GESI is a strong stock to consider adding to your portfolio today, while it’s still trading in the single digits and showing a 1000% imminent upside.

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